About us

Wyvern’s core business is designing specific accommodation for disabled individuals. Wyvern is privileged to be involved with some truly inspirational people and take pride in their designs providing accommodation which is suitable to enable their clients and their families to continue with their lives following serious accidents or cases of medical negligence.

Wyvern’s comprehensive experience enables them to prepare detailed designs for all types of disability to suit any type of property. They work closely with fellow experts such as Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers together with Case Managers, Occupational Therapists, Nursing Care Specialists and IT/Environmental Control Specialists to provide a specifically adapted property to suit a disabled individual.

Wyvern appreciate that their clients require specific expert advice at this challenging time in their lives and the Partners take pride in their professionalism when involved in with these projects. The Partners have long established careers in assisting disabled individuals with designing their homes; they appreciate that these homes are generally life-long properties that need to be specifically designed for immediate needs however; they also need to be adaptable to suit clients’ changing future requirements.

The staff at Wyvern are selected and trained to provide a highly professional and sensitive service to their clients and their families. The Partners provide direct training to all staff based on their own long-established experience. On-going training and professional development ensures that Wyvern stays in touch with modern developments with specialist equipment and building construction ensuring the best service to their clients.